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what does it mean to be human

The assignment is asking “what does it mean to be human?” I would try to explain it myself, but i feel that uploading the directive will be better help. It is due Friday, december 9th at 8am EST. Heres a chunk i copied form the directive that gives the general idea. If meaning and purpose have such a bedrock role in what is called “life”, then the underlying question to this is “what are Meaning and Purpose?” You have been exposed to all areas of philosophy from rationalism, skepticism and the Socratic maxim “Know thyself”, to Virtue Ethics, as well as how these ideas play out in such things a s freedom, justice, morals, and specifically in Frankl’s experiences in Nazi Germany. Based on these philosophies and ideas, write a 4 page argumentative paper (dbl spaced, 12 point font) on “What does it mean to be Human?” (Requires 4-5 sources referenced in format you are most comfortable with.)

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