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What is a personal statement

 A personal statement for a university or job might reinforce the purpose of the school or the coursework preparation. Either way, it’s important to discuss your short and long-term goals, and demonstrate how your personal circumstances impacted your choice. Make your unique. If you want to be noticed, write your personal statement in the voice of your own voice and make it sound unique. It will make you more confident and personal. If you follow these tips, your personal statement will be stronger than ever. 

As a career coach, Jenn shares the steps to write an effective personal statement. Personal statements are important documents because they are often the difference between being admitted to a program and getting an interview. Admissions tutors read personal statements carefully and will make the right decision based on their own judgment. Consequently, a personal statement can help you get into a new college or secure a new job! Consider hiring a career coach to help you craft a personal statement that will be successful. 

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