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White planning paper

Develop a special event planning white paper that focuses on homeland security, public safety, and emergency management issues. Students will need to identify a future real-world event or a potential hazard and write a paper that contains the following components listed below. Imagine that you are conducting a planning kick-off meeting with relevant partner agencies and you have been charged with being the lead planner for the event or hazard. Make sure to include the components of an operational plan discussed in this course. At a minimum this white paper should:

-Summarizes the threat or event and assess the risk and likelihood it will impact the community for which you are planning
-Describes how vulnerable the community is to this threat/hazard
-Discusses which agencies (be specific) will be part of your planning team
-Indicate the role of each agency included in the effort
-Discusses any information needs/gaps needed to create the plan
-Presents a timeline and workplan for developing the plan
For one of the citations can you please incorporate national infrastructure protection plan (2013). I provided the link below

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