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Diana Nunez Ramos

6/14/22, 6:21 AM

Hi Professor and Class,

Due to the nature of the product or service offered, the outcome of health care is uncertain. Health economics maximizes scarce resources while improving health care quality and promoting evidence-based medical practice (Jain, 2016). Healthcare marketing aims to attract consumers, guide them through procedures, and keep them engaged with the healthcare system offered. So, healthcare marketing is unique in that its reach is based on strategy and communications, leading to successful patient engagement, and successful patient engagement leads to a thriving practice.

There are health services that are popular with consumers but are not economically profitable for a health organization. As a result, it is impossible to sustain these services and financially unsustainable because of the losses it produces. Marketing challenges are generated when a health care provider eliminates these types of services. The decrease in the digital version, undervaluation of marketing communications about this service, and distrust or desertion in stable consumers when stopping this service create an immeasurable loss (Healthcare MBA, 2021). The impact on the loss of consumers due to the non-provision of services versus the benefits of eliminating a service is directly proportional to what will be a central marketing element.


Healthcare MBA. (2021). What is Healthcare Marketing. https://healthcaremba.gwu.edu/blog/what-is-healthcare-marketing/

Jain, V. (2016). Time to take health economics seriously-medical education in the United Kingdom. Perspectives on medical education, 5(1), 4547. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40037-015-0238-0

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