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Agree, further the conversation, and provide a service excellence experience in the healthcare field as a patient to the following:

Erika’s response to Danielle

Hi Danielle,

I agree with your post that marketing in healthcare is unique because it is tailored to a specific population. Healthcare marketing is a strategic outreach and communication process built to connect consumers to services, guide them through their healthcare journey and keep them engaged with your particular system. To set your practice from another provider, keeping your patients at the forefront of your business and ensuring they are your primary focus is essential. Since emotions play a vital role in healthcare, marketing should be strategized in the patient’s best interest, and ethics should be the number one priority in maintaining good relationships with patients. Building trust with your healthcare provider makes doing business in the future more comfortable and less stressful since a bond has been formed between patient and healthcare provider. Healthcare marketing should demonstrate how an organization provides an outstanding patient experience through fast service, easy appointment scheduling, comfortable waiting areas, specific medical specialties, and clinical amenities.

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