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Jennifer Haddad Connell

Hello Christine:

Your post is thought provoking and explanatory of differences among generations. I believe that each generation can learn from the other and utilize specific talents specific to situations. It’s good to embrace differences, rather than to disregard and allow miscommunication. When generations are closed minded to learning from each other in the workplace, then the ground is fertile for misunderstandings and disengagement among the team.

I’m thinking that team building exercises might be one thing that could strengthen respect and understanding. By doing fun team building exercises where maybe people could get to know one another, then I think the chance is favorable to overcome barriers and give insight to the uniqueness of each generation.

Class: In addition to team building exercises, what other methods might you combine with the exercises that would further bring people together? What kind of timeline do you think it would take to start to see results? Please continue the discussion.

8 hours ago, at 8:57 AM 

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